Terms of Service (TOS)


This document sets out the terms and conditions for Fleet Management Services (hereinafter referred to as "GoiCar" which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning include its heirs and successor).

Upon accepting the terms and conditions as set out hereinafter, the user agrees and acknowledges that:
GoiCar has established a website having the registered domain address as https://www.selfdrivegoa.in/ ('Website') where the terms and conditions provided by Goicar have been displayed. It is the responsibility of the user to ask representatives of Selfdrive Goa.in and obtain a soft copy of the agreement if they are unable to view or access the terms & conditions as set out on the website.

GoiCar reserves the right, at its discretion, to change or modify the terms of this user Agreement. You agree that the updated terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be effective from the date publication of the same on the Website. It shall be your responsibility to periodically check for any changes to the Agreement on the Website.

In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and any other document with respect to GoiCar’s previously printed documents/Form 5, these terms and conditions displayed on the website shall govern, except otherwise set forth by GoiCar in writing.

  1. Valid Driving License
  2. Valid Passport or Aadhar ID Card
  3. Employment Proof or Company ID (if representing a company)
  4. If a user makes multiple bookings at the same time slot, an approved co-driver per vehicle with the above documents must be added to the bookings.

  1. 'MVT Laws' means collectively, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Rules made thereunder, or any other statutory modification amendment or re-enactment thereof
  2. 'Applicable Law(s)' means any MVT Law and other statute, law, regulation, ordinance, rule, judgment, order, decree, bye-law, clearance, directive, guideline, policy, requirement, or other governmental restriction or any similar form of, the decision of, or determination by, or any interpretation, policy or administration having the force of the law of any of the foregoing, by government authority having jurisdiction over the matter in question, whether in effect as of the date of these Terms and Conditions or thereafter.
  3. 'Goicar'/'GOIcar'/'GoiCar'/'goicar'/'we'/'us'/'our' individually or collectively appears in this document, solely represents the company GoiCar Car Rental Company.
  4. 'Customer'/'Client'/'user'/'Hirer'/'Renter'/'You'/'Yourself' individually or collectively appears in this document, solely represents the person who has booked the vehicle from GoiCar or using the website after agreeing to all the below-mentioned terms and conditions.
  5. 'Reservation Details' means the reservation details of the Hirer and details of the Vehicle hereunder written
  6. 'Vehicle' or 'Car' means a vehicle or vehicles hired by the Hirer pursuant to these Terms and Conditions
  7. 'Authorized Driver' solely refers to the person authorized to drive the rented vehicle, holding a valid driving license with a minimum of 2 years of driving experience and is a minimum of 21 years old, expressly mentioned and fully identified at the time of booking the services as either the user or an additional driver.
  8. 'Unauthorized Driver' refers to any person not expressly mentioned or identified at the time of booking the services. An unauthorized driver will not be covered by any of the insurance/protection/liability products we offer.
  9. 'Last Minute' refers to any activity/request done under 24 hrs window.

  1. To book a self-drive vehicle, the rental start date and time, and the end date and time are required, which will indicate the duration for which the car will be rented, and the same shall be entered in the rental contract/agreement.
  2. All bookings have to be made solely by the registered user themselves via our Website, well in advance and prior to pickup time. Bookings are processed by our system automatically on a first come first serve basis. GoiCar does not guarantee the availability of any particular vehicle at any given time. Vehicle availability is dynamically updated in our system to reflect real-time changes.
  3. All the PAYMENT (Car Rent / Pickup / Drop-off / Extras + Security Deposit) has to be done in advance.
  4. The minimum age of the hirer must be of 21 years of age for renting a car and having a valid Indian/International driving license with at least 1 year of driving experience, without previous criminal records, and without any restrictions on driving due to any medical conditions or any other restrictions imposed under any law including but not limiting to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, as amended from time to time.
  5. Foreigners/hirers with non-Indian drivers' licenses should possess a valid international driving license.
  6. Original Aadhaar/Passport and Original Driving License are mandatory at the time of pick-up of the vehicle.
  7. Persons who are not competent to contract within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, un-discharged insolvents, and persons of unsound mind are not eligible to use the Platform or avail of the Services.
  8. Everification is mandate for all Indian customers and should be done at least 24 hours before the rental start time. Booking will be cancelled if customers fails to everify.
  9. Unlimited KMS offered are restricted to Goa State only.
  10. The rental vehicles are not allowed to be taken outside Goa state.
  11. Rented vehicles are without fuel. The cost of fuel is to be entirely borne by the hirer and is not included in the rental rates. Fuel will be a gauge-to-gauge system, that is, the same amount of fuel has to be returned back as received. In case of less fuel, please refer to the Penalties Section.
  12. In case the hirer has chosen "Full to Empty" the hirer may return the car with low fuel and for no extra charges.
  13. Rates are applicable on a calendar day basis with a billing cycle from 08.00 AM to 08.00 AM (24 hrs). For any delay of up to 30 minutes in returning the car, no charges will be applied, for any further delay please refer to the Penalties Section. The penalties are towards the delay and will not permit the extension of the vehicle.
  14. Although our billing cycle works on a 08.00 AM to 08.00 AM (24 hrs) basis, customers are liable to return the vehicle as per the booking date and time as entered in the rental contract. Possessing the vehicle after the end of the contract period will be considered illegal and may attract penalties and a fine up to Rs.5000/-
  15. In case of extension, the extension will be granted if and only if the vehicle is available for the requested period of time.
  16. An extension to the rental period of the vehicle will be granted subject to availability, and such should be informed and paid at least 24 hrs before the original return date and time. The charges for the extension will be for the extended period regardless of the billing day calculation.
  17. The minimum period for renting a car is 2 days. The maximum period is for 11 months
  18. Advance Security Deposit of Rs.5000/- to Rs.10000/- (depending on the class of vehicle and the type of rental) will be collected at the time of car handover & same will be refunded back into your account within 5 working days subject to the car condition and fuel level. All costs associated on account of damage/scratch to the car or theft of any accessories, low fuel level, to be borne by the hirer.
  19. GST/Regulatory Tax as on date is applicable on the total bill amount as per the Government norms + 10% Surcharge is applicable on Damages/Late fee etc. Any change in the Tax rate will be charged accordingly.
  20. The Hirer shall take possession of the vehicle and return the vehicle back to the pickup point, at the location on the date and time as specified in the Reservation Details and hereby consents to adhere to and comply with the instructions as issued by Goicar ("Instructions/Guidelines") from time to time under this Agreement which includes (i) Taking complete Video of the Vehicle along with Hirer (ii) Taking photograph/Video of the Odometer.
  21. The Hirer is strictly prohibited from taking the vehicle to the airport including but not limited to airport arrival and departure point. If found the hirer is solely responsible for the consequences that may arise.
  22. Drop-off/Return of Vehicle: The hirer must return the Vehicle to Goicar:
    1. At the place, on the date and by the time as per the Rental Agreement;
    2. In the same condition, as it was at the commencement of the Rental Period, fair wear and tear excepted.
    3. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to return the vehicle in clean, secured, and in good working condition, at the same place, as was provided, by no later than the end time of the reservation. If the vehicle is returned in unclean or unhygienic condition, additional charges may be applied as mentioned in the Penalties section.
    4. The hirer is responsible to take pictures of the car when he receives it, as well as when returned from all the sides to update any kind of dents or damages to the car. The Hirer is expected to provide the pictures on demand if GOICAR finds any damages to the car.
  23. A last-minute change of drop-off/pickup time or rescheduling will be charged at Rs.500/- extra.
  24. Postponing/Preponing/Extension of the rental vehicle is purely subject to availability. Any such request including rescheduling should be informed 24hrs before the start/end time and will have a fee of Rs.300/request. Any such request done in less than 24hrs will be charged Rs.500/request.
  25. The Hirer shall inspect the Vehicle for any luggage and/or items at the time of handing over of the Vehicle back to Goicar. GOICAR shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage to any of your or your passenger's personals/luggage/valuables and/or items left in the Vehicle.
  26. Hirer, himself/herself, shall drive the Vehicle and that he/she is not authorized to assign/sub-let/license the Vehicle or its use to any other person whomsoever. If the Vehicle is supposed to be driven by any other person then the Hirer shall ensure that such driver is holding a valid driving license and the Hirer shall provide details of any such additional driver to Goicar in advance. The Hirer is solely responsible for allowing anyone else other than the drivers mentioned at the time of renting the car. Any such act will be considered a violation of TOS.
  27. The Hirer/Authorized Driver shall be held legally responsible for any charges and/or litigation resulting from vehicle misuse.
  28. The Hirer is solely responsible for all traffic fines/tolls and other roads/parking charges/interstate permit charges, as applicable, during usage of vehicle during his Hire Period. Any such charges received during your hire period will be charged to you + 10% Admin processing charge will be applicable.
  29. In case your accommodation is booked in the following hotels; you are advised to avoid booking vehicles with us: Ramada, Club Mahindra, Varca Le Palms, Emerald Palms, Deltin Suites, Club Estadia, Pheonix Park Inn, Acacia, Whispering Palms, and any other hotel where Taxi Union issue may persist.
  30. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  31. Booking is to be done category-wise. Cars are subject to availability. Specific car models cannot be guaranteed.
  32. Off-roading is strictly prohibited. Driving on beaches is a punishable offense as per the rules.
  33. Photography by climbing on rooftops, the bonnet of the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  34. The Hirer is not permitted to use/drive the Vehicle :
    1. To carry a number of persons (including the driver) exceeding the permissible number as specified in MVT Law
    2. To ferry pets or any type of animals
    3. To carry any contraband, hazardous or inflammable material, firearms, or other banned or prohibited articles under Indian laws.
    4. For any illegal or unlawful activity or purpose.
    5. In any motorsport event of any kind including but not limited to racing, or rallying or for the purpose of learning driving of Vehicles or taking or giving driving lessons, speed testing, or any other similar activities causing damage to the Vehicle.
    6. To propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer.
    7. Beyond the speed limit of 80 Kms/per hour
    8. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs or sufferance of any disease or disability, which may cause his/her driving ability or which is likely to cause a source of danger to the public and/or to the Vehicle.
    9. For undertaking road trip specifically for any reward/award or for creating any record or recognitions of any nature whatsoever
    10. In bad terrain and/or continued driving in case of tyre/tire puncture.
    11. Any form of external branding on the car. In such a case the customer will have to pay a penalty of Rs.5000/-
  35. If the hirer uses the Credit/Debit Card of any other person, it will be considered that the agreement is approved by the sole credit card holder and the hirer. GOICAR does not stand liable for any claims against such usage of cards.
  36. You hereby guarantee that all the information and documents furnished by you are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and information and if any of this is found to be false/forged/fabricated then Goicar reserves the right to immediately terminate the agreement and do the needful.
  37. Please treat our staff, coordinators, drivers, and personnel as you would like to be treated yourself. While we are tolerant and understanding we too are human. You agree to refrain from abusive and profane language on our systems, interfaces, public, and private communications. Abuse of our staff in any medium or form will result in immediate termination of our services and no refunds be done.
  38. Any intentional false communication or by making untrue statements about our service, and/or our representative/employee, either written or spoken, that harms reputation, will be considered as intensional defamation. Such cases will be liable but not limited to legal action, immediate cancellation of service, and no refund of rental, and security deposit shall be done.
  39. By using Goicar services and or by navigating through our site you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned on this site.
  40. Violation of TOS will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement including additional penalties and no refund of the security deposit.

Vehicle Type
Maruti Swift, Dzire, Baleno, Hyundai i10, i20
Hyundai Venue, KIA Seltos, Maruti Brezza, Ertiga, Thar
Innova Crysta, Jeep
Ford Endeavour, Fortuner, Harrier

  1. Security Deposit to be paid in digital form only. You can pay using any of the following methods: QR Scan, UPI, Google Pay, PhonePay, Bank Wire, PayTM.
  2. No Security Deposit shall be paid in cash. Goicar does not accept cash payments, hence takes no responsibilities/liabilities against any cash transactions done.
  3. No Security Deposit shall be paid using a credit/debit card. In case the Security Deposit is paid via a credit/debit card under any unavoidable circumstances, there will be a 10% or Rs.350/- surcharge (whichever is higher) be added as processing charges.
  4. The refund shall be processed within 3 to 5 business working days, after the return of the vehicle, depending on the vehicle condition, fuel level and the availability of the data required for the refund to be processed.
  5. The amount to reflect in your account might take 23 to 25 working days if paid using a card (as per the RBI and card policy guidelines) depending on the Credit Card issuing bank.
  6. All security deposit refunds will be processed via bank wire transfer only hence correct Bank Account details need to be given in time.
  7. In case of any claim towards the security deposit, the balance security deposit refund can be processed within a 45 days period *Subject to settlement of all charges.
  8. Security deposit gets forfeited in case of violation of TOS

  1. If the hirer books a car under the "Monthly Subscription" section the minimum billing will be for 30 days or above. No refund claims will be processed if the hirer returns the car before the return date mentioned at the time of the booking. If the hirer Extends the car for more than the said given rental period but less than a month, GOICAR would calculate the extension as per under Daily or Weekly rental rates as applicable.
  2. The hirer is permitted to drive a max of 2500 kilometer per month. Extra kilometer will be charged at actual per km depending on the vehicle classification (please refer to the Penalties section).
  3. The hirer is permited to use the rented car within the state limit of Goa only.
  4. In case the hirer travels above the said kilometer limit / extends the usage time / travels across the state - Daily rental + Fine - min 1000 per day to max 3000 per day or per km (whichever is higher) + 10% surcharge will be applicable.

  1. Rented vehicles do not come with the fuel.
  2. Fuel cost entirely to be borne by the hirer
  3. We work on guage to guage system, in which whatever amount of fuel is given to you at the time of pickup of the vehicle, the hirer need to return the car with the same amount of fuel.
  4. There is no reimbursement on any exra fuel that may be there at the time of return of vehicle, hence we request the hirer to fill as much fuel as would be need for their trip.
  5. If the hirer returns the rented vehicle with lower fuel level, then the hirer is liable to pay fuel charges as mentioned in the Penalties Section.

The Hirer is bonded with the Insurance Policy law, Terms & conditions, Amended by the Insurance Policy. GoiCar offers two types of Damage Shield cover:

  1. Limited Liability: In the event of damage to the rented vehicle, hirers maximum liability towards reinstating is Rs.40000/-. Hirer is liable to pay a Damage Fee equivalent to the repair cost as mentioned in our Damage/Repair Charges section (as per Class of Vehicle) to a maximum of Rs.40,000/-. In case of monthly subscriptions, the hirer's maximum liability will be Rs.40000/- per incident. For the avoidance of doubt on how this would work here are two examples, 1. In a event where the bumper of a class A vehicle is damaged, the total cost of repair as per the Damage/Repair Charges is Rs.8135/- in this case the hirer is liable to pay Rs.8135/- only. 2. In a event where the damage amounts total cost of repair as per the Damage/Repair Charges is Rs.100000/- in this case the hirer is liable to pay a maximum of Rs.40,000/- only. However, if the Hirer wishes not to have any liability towards the damages caused he could do so by opting to our Zero Liability cover. The Hirer is also liable to pay downtime losses, upto a maximum of Rs.5000/- in case of major damages/accidents. In case of monthly subscription Hirer Limited Liability gets forfited after the first incident.
  2. Zero Liability: In the event of damages, your liability towards damages is Nil (zero). In case of major accidents/damages the Hirer is liable to pay downtime losses, upto a maximum of Rs.5000/-. In case of monthly subscription Hirer Zero Liability gets forfited after the first incident and Limited Liability gets forfited after the second incident.
Please note that the above Damage Shield cover is intended to benefit and protect the responsible user. In situations of irresponsible or unsafe or negligent usage, there could be discretionary exceptions to this policy, whereby the user could be liable for all damages irrespective of whether or not GoiCar is able to claim insurance. Examples of such situations include, but are not limited to:
  1. When the user is found to be under the influence of alcohol/narcotics while driving
  2. When the user is over-speeding (i.e. above the prescribed speed limit of the road or 80 Kms/Hr, whichever is lower)
  3. When the user is in violation of traffic rules or of the Motor Vehicles Act.
  4. If the user crosses the Goa state border (applicable to all non-outstation vehicle)
  5. If the user has not paid the inter-state tax while crossing a state border (applicable in case of outstation rentals)
  6. When the person driving the vehicle at the time of the incident is not authorized driver
  7. When the vehicle workshop and/or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature (or states in the accident report). Consequential damage occurs when the user continues driving the vehicle even when it is performing abnormally
  8. When the number of people in the car at the time of the incident exceeds the standard seating capacity of the car
  9. When there is a misrepresentation of information in the driving license and ID proof details shared by the user
  10. Where there is clear evidence of extremely rash and negligent driving on the user's part
  11. When the user is not in compliance with the laws and/or with terms of the GoiCar's term of service
Damage Shield policies do not cover:
  1. Damage to car interiors, car accessories, and/or personal belongings.
  2. Theft of the vehicle.
  3. Downtime losses
  4. Vehicle towing charges
  5. Vehicle Toppling/ Rollover on high speed
  6. Hydrostatic Lock (commonly occurs due to water seepage in the vehicle during floods or heavy rainfall)
  7. Engine Seize
  8. Underchasis Damages
Please note:
  1. In cases of accident, the fare for the unused days will not be refunded.
  2. In cases of accident, no replacement of car will be provided.
  3. In cases of accident or user failure, full towing and impounding charges will be paid by the user. In cases of vehicle failure, towing and impounding charges will be paid by us.
  4. If the user notices any pre-existing issue with the car, which was observed after the car delivery, the user needs to report it within the first 20 Kms or the first 2 hours of the car delivery. Any issues reported later will be deemed as having arisen during the user’s trip, and relevant damage charges will be charged to the user.
  5. In cases of non-payment, GoiCar reserves the right of legal action, reporting to the credit bureau and reporting to other authorities or persons, irrespective of their direct relevance to the case.

Front / Rear Bumper
Bonnet Hood
Quarter panel
Rear Boot Lid
Roof Top
Running Board
Pillar A or B
Wheel Cap - Painting
Number Plate
Rear View Mirror (outer)
Roof Mirror (inner)
Sunvisor Roof
Seat Cover damages
Floor Mat
Tool Kit Box
Door Sticker
Bumper Replacement
Head Light Replacement
Tail Light Replacement
Fog Light Replacement
Music System Repair
Head Rest / Arm Rest
Interior Cleaning Charges
Please note:
  1. The above charges includes cost for REMOVING/REFITTING/REPAIR/DENTING/PAINTING and applicable Taxes.
  2. Flat 40% of the above rate will be applicable for any minor scratches.
  3. Any component grazed, cracked, damaged warrents replacement rates are mentioned above from point number 10 to 24
  4. The above rates are as per the delear schedule as received from authorized dealers (with out taxes).

  1. GOICAR provides RSA round the clock and is served within the city limits. Any service required for out of the service area of the city limits (Cost of Driver + Towing + Backup car rent) would be charged at actuals and need to be paid upfront.

To have the best rental experience for every individual using our service, we request all our users to follow some basic, simple, and easy norms. Breach of these norms can attract penalties mentioned as below:
Sr. No.
Applicable charges
Delay in the vehicle pickup
  1. No fees for the first 1 hour of delay** if informed earlier.
  2. Rs.100/- for every additional hour**
Delay in the vehicle drop-off
  1. No fees for the first 30 minutes of delay** if informed earlier.
  2. Rs.150/- for every additional 30 minutes of delay**
Early vehicle pickup
  1. No fees for 30 minutes early**
  2. Rs.500/- if earlier than 30 minutes**
Early vehicle drop-off
  1. No fees**
  2. No refund on unused rental
Over-speeding (above 80 Kms/Hr)
Rs.1000/- per incident
Traffic/Parking violations
Full payment of fines/late fees (in case of delay in payment)
Loss/non-return of key
Rs.500/-, plus replacement cost
Rs.1000/-, plus applicable damage cost
Cleaning required
  1. Minor interior cleaning Rs.450/-
  2. Major cleaning exterior/interior Rs.1000/-
Last-minute change in time
Change of Location
Non-fuelling (returning the car at a lower fuel level)
Rs.300/- refueling service charge + Rs.900/- per point of less fuel
O.W.H From 06.00 PM till 08.00 AM
Driver Waiting
No fees for the first 15 minutes of delay, thereafter Rs.50/- per 15 minutes. No charges if informed earlier.**
Crossing Goa borders
Rs.5000/- Plus other fines and additional charges that may arise
Possession of vehicle after the end of the rental period
  1. Rs.350/hr (class A vehicles)
  2. Rs.450/hr (class B vehicles)
  3. Rs.550/hr (class C vehicles)
  4. Rs.750/hr (class D vehicles)
Monthly subscription per KM charge after 2500 KM/month limit
  1. Rs.10/km (class A vehicles)
  2. Rs.15/km (class B vehicles)
  3. Rs.20/km (class C vehicles)
  4. Rs.25/km (class D vehicles)
If the vehicle is taken out of Goa state full security deposit will be retained along with all other fines and additional charges that may arise.
** Additional O.W.H (Over Working Hours) charge will be applied for all pick/drop/swap/any other service done between Evening 18 hrs (6 PM) till Morning 9 hrs (9 AM).

Request Done
Prior 24 hrs of the pickup/drop-off time
Within 24 hrs to 0 hrs of the pickup/drop-off time
Postponing start time or Preponing end time (Shortening)
No charges**
Preponing start time or Postponing end time (Extending)
Revised fare for the extended period**
Rs.300/- + Revised fare for the extended period**
Location Change
Car Model Change
Rs.300/- plus difference in the amount
Rs.500/- plus difference in the amount
** Additional O.W.H charges will be applied wherever applicable.

The Hirer can cancel the booking by logging into his/her GoiCar account.
Sr. No.
Cancellation Request Done
Percentage of deduction on Total amount
Within 6 hrs of Booking, regardless of the pickup time
10% or Rs.500/- whichever is higher
Prior to 48 hrs of the pickup time
10% or Rs.500/- whichever is higher
Within 18 hrs to 48 hrs of the pickup time
Within 0 hrs to 18 hrs of the pickup time
No Show
Failer to Produce Documents
Failer to Everification
Due to COVID19 Safety Precautions
Reschedule 0%, Cancellation 10%

  1. There is no refund on booking cancellation or change in travel dates (Start or Return) or change in duration done in less than 12 hrs of your travel time.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt a no show shall mean the event wherein the Hirer fails to pick up the car within 3 (Three) hours as per the scheduled rental start time without informing about the same, the incident will be treated as a no show resulting in the forfeiture of the rental charges and the security deposit will be refunded.
  3. Failing to produce Driving license & identity proof at rental start pickup: The booking will be treated as canceled. A Driving license printed on an A4 sheet of paper (original or otherwise) will not be considered a valid document.
  4. If a hirer wishes to cancel his/her booking for COVID19 Safety Precautions, 100% amount can be used for future booking, no refund/deduction shall be done, however, if the hirer wishes to cancel the booking and get a refund, then the cancellation charges as mentioned in cancellation policy will be applicable.
  5. Cancellation refund amount will be processed within 15 working days to the renters' account but the amount to reflect in your account might take 21 working days (As per the RBI guidelines for the card refund process) and depending on the issuing bank.
  6. There will be no cancellations of booking on special occasions such as Dussehra, Ganesh Chathurthi, Diwali, Peak December (24th till 31st), etc.

  1. The client/hirer will be fully and solely responsible for the daily upkeep, Police Challans, Interstate Taxes, Tolls, Minor maintenance of the car, accident/s, any offenses, misuse or illegal use of car and GoiCar will not be liable to pay any amount on any account including any compensation claims. In fact, users indemnify GoiCar or any of its representatives against all such claims and damage caused. In case of any accident, damage caused or for any reason whatsoever hirer/client will not abandon the vehicle/car at any place but contact the GoiCar's office and follow the instructions designed for client care and administration convenience in such an unforeseen circumstance.
  2. There may be delays, interruptions, and/or other problems with the information and services owing to unforeseen circumstances or Force Majeure Causes and in such a situation, the hirer/user agrees not to assert any claim/legal action against GoiCar. Rates & Rules are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check all the 5 tires and the condition when taking the delivery of the car. GOICAR does not stand responsible for any compensation towards loss of time, cost of repair in case of a puncture due to any reason not limited to road conditions, damage to belongings, etc. The cost of a new tire would be charged to the hirer if the tire is found damaged or in bad condition regardless of the use or age of the car. In such cases, the cost of the new tire will be charged to the security deposit. The hirer should report such issues to GoiCar and submit pictures of the tire repaired. In case the hirer fails to update regarding any damages to the tires, GOICAR would charge the cost of a new tire + 1500 Fine to the user.
  4. Clutch Plate, Pressure Plate, Gear Box Damages: It is the responsibility of the hirer to check all the proper working of the car when it is delivered. The hirer has the right to cancel or ask for a change in the car model (subject to availability) in case the hirer finds any issue with the rented car in the first 20 KM or 2 hours of his rental period. In case of any damages to the Clutch plate, Pressure plate, or Gear Box the hirer will be liable to pay for the total cost of repair and GOICAR has the right to charge it to the security deposit. In case of major repairs, downtime rentals per day of the car will also be charged to the user. Backup car Under RSA ( Road Side Assistance), towing services, Backup driver, Client transfer services, and car break down service van all are chargeable services and subject to availability.
  5. The Hirer is responsible to complies with the Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  6. Each time the Hirer parks the rented Vehicle (either at the end of the reservation or during the time of reservation), the user shall be responsible for securing the vehicle in conditions such as the closing of windows and locking the car.
  7. The Hirer shall not leave the vehicle in a zone that has parking restrictions or No Parking zone. If the user leaves the vehicle in such a restricted zone, the user will be responsible for any and all violation notices or towing charges incurred.
  8. GoiCar reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the use of its service by any user for inappropriate noises or driving feel, including but not limited to warning lamps, indicators, inappropriate sounds or smells, or performance changes.
  9. user Indemnification and holds GoiCar, its Parent and affiliates, and their respective Owners, Directors, Officers, Employees, Shareholders, Agents, Attorneys, Assigns and Successors-in-interest harmless for all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs, Attorney fees and other expenses incurred by GoiCar arising from a breach of the Terms as specified here.

In the event of any disputes, differences, controversies, and questions directly or indirectly arising at any time hereafter between a user and GoiCar or their respective representatives or assigns under, out of, in connection with, or in relation to, these Terms (or the subject matter of these Terms) including, without limitation, all disputes, differences, controversies and questions relating to the validity, interpretation, construction, performance, and enforcement of any provision of these Terms, (hereinafter referred to as a “Dispute”), the same shall be referred to binding arbitration at the request of the user or GoiCar, in writing, in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory modification or alteration thereof for the time being in force. The arbitral tribunal shall comprise a sole arbitrator to be appointed by GoiCar whose decision in relation to any such Dispute shall be final and binding on the Parties hereto.

The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English language. The seat of arbitration shall be in Goa.

The costs of arbitration shall be fixed by the arbitral tribunal and the tribunal in the final award shall specify
  1. the party entitled to costs;
  2. the party who shall pay the costs;
  3. the total amount of such costs; and
  4. the manner in which the costs shall be paid. For the purpose of this Clause, 'costs of arbitration' shall mean the fees and expenses of the arbitrator, legal fees and expenses, any administrative fees and any other expense incurred in connection with the arbitral proceedings and the arbitral award.
No party or person involved in any way in the creation, coordination, or operation of the arbitration of any Dispute may disclose the existence, content, or results of the Dispute or any arbitration conducted under this Agreement in relation to that Dispute save as required in order to enforce this Clause and/or any arbitral award made pursuant to these Terms.

  1. Booking for out of station is strictly on prior intimation and approval basis only.
  2. Booking done without prior intimation and/or approval will not be serviced.
  3. A fine of Rs.5000/- will be imposed and the security deposit shall be forfeited in case the vehicle is taken out of station without intimation/approval.
  4. Rental amount for the number of days the vehicle is out of station is double of the regular rental.
  5. The security deposit in case of out station rental will be Rs.10,000/-
  6. All Tolls, Interstate Tax, service charge, etc. will be charged to the customer.
  7. Vehicles booked for out station will have a kilomiters capping of 125 KM per day for all the rental days.